We were at HK international Printing Packaging Fair

From April 19th to 22th , 2023, our company participated in the "18th Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition" which  held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. During the exhibition, we exhibited our latest gift packaging boxes, wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, perfume boxes, food packaging boxes, mooncake boxes, jewelry boxes and a series of products.

We exhibited luxury cardboard rigid box, recycled paper gift box, folding gift box, tube box, wooden gift box , paper bag etc. Our recycled  folding gift box is very popular. Clever design, high quality,perfect assembling & recycled raw material, it has interested some many people. It is a perfect design which helps to save 70% shipping charge and storage charge.  

Our booth

In addition, the mooncake box we exhibited this time is also highly favored by visitors. The mooncake box is made of FSC material, food grade non-toxic and environmentally friendly ink, and the design is also very high-end and atmospheric. The Chinoiserie design of the moon cake box perfectly illustrates the long history of the Chinese moon cake festival.

Our collapsible wine box also is a sparkle point . We introduced more than 20 items collapsible wine box . We introduced box for single bottle , for two bottles , also introduced wine box for three bottles & 6 bottles . We showed to visitor that how to fold the box for shipping and how to assemble the box for packaging . It is a amazing idea for the wine packaging box , it has received praise from many people  . We will keep to make more and more new design packaging box.

It is a successful Fair, we met many of our clients during Fair . And it offers chance to us to show our new idea to our client , it is a very good opportunity to us. 

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Post time: Jul-03-2023